Blog 5

What are your initial thoughts about Ragtime? So far, what do you think is the author’s primary subject? What key points have been made so far in the text? What personal connections do you have with this subject matter? 

I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting this book is so far.  The writing is a little hard to follow simply because of the archaic words used, and the old style.  I think its really interesting how the lives of all these different people introduced in the first chapter are woven together and how their paths cross at different points and time.  It is a little difficult to keep track of who is who, and who did what when, but reading slowly helps keep things straight.

I think one of the main points the author is trying to make is about how people can be very different in how they present themselves to others and how they really are.  There is the rich man who is insane, the rich woman who one would assume would be elitist and uncaring, but deeply cares about the poor jewish child, the Mothers Younger Brother who is a business man, but stalks Evyln 

I thought it was interesting how often sexual things came up.  We often assume of people in the past were very prudent and never had sex. Already there is talk about the parents sex being interrupted, oral sex to show devotion, penis flapping in jail, and a stalker masturbating in the closest during a girl on girl massage.  I guess people werent so prudent in the past as we all thought.


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