Blog 11

One instance of dialogue between Ragtime and In the Lake of the Woods is the connection in the personalities of John Wade and Mother’s Younger Brother.  Both are very secretive and keep everything on the inside.  They are both very withdrawn from the world.  One very clear similarity between them is that they both stalk or spy on their love interests.  Mother’s Younger Brother stalks Evelyn because he is too shy to tell her how he feels.  He even gets to the point to where he follows her and ends up masturbating in a closet to her.  Wade is the same way.  He stalks Kathy because he cant get the nerve to tell her how worried he is to lose her.  He follows her around all the time, playing spy games, and tracking her every move.

When these two men lose their lovers they are emotionally crushed.  Younger Brother cannot move on and goes to New York in hopes of finding Evelyn or learning where she might have gone.  He is distraught and just spends all his time creating weapons.  John Wade, when he finds Kathy missing he is incredibly upset and drinks his day away trying to supress the possibility that she left him.

These two mens obsession with their women is what connects them and is one of the many parallels that can be drawn between Ragtime and in the lake of the woods


5 Responses to “Blog 11”

  1. stephenenglish112 Says:

    This is a good pick up on the comparison between MYB and John. Both of these characters definitely have a conscience that can not help but to spy/stalk their lover.

  2. I also wrote about this comparison, another aspect to consider, of the stalking, is that both women new that they were being followed and still chose to be in a relationship with the men. I believe this is because both of the women in the novels love the attention of their stalker.

  3. sutheraj Says:

    I like this comparison between the two characters. Maybe you could also look at how their stalking effects the women as in if is the same effect or different and why.

  4. flygirl12 Says:

    Great connection between the two!

  5. I used John and Mother’s Younger Brother to compare the two novels as well. However, I didn’t consider how both characters are withdrawn from the world as you did. I found that point of view to be very interesting…the more you think about it the more evidence that supports that statement starts to emerge. Good post!

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