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Blog 16

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We covered a lot of things this semester in class. I dont really have any more questions concerning the things we covered though.  Between the papers and the blogs I think most subjects were covered very well. Some things that could have been covered a little better in class would be the narrative elements. It was very unclear exactly how these elements can be identified.  It would have been helpful to spend more time in class explaining and giving examples of these narrative elements. It would make writing that first big paper much much easier.  It also would have helped for a greater explanation of why the narrative elements were so important, and what each one could bring to a story. It seemed like we were completely on our own trying to figure out what purpose this particular element has.  Other than that I think everything else was well explained, and the other two papers were much easier to write because the topic was covered a little more thoroughly.


Blog 15

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There have been some important speeches given in our country’s history.  One of the most important in my lifetime has been the State of the Union address given on September 20th 2001, just 9 days after the September 11th attacks.  The speech was given by then President, George Bush.  It was given at a time of fear, where the American people were scared of what would happen next.  For the first time people had experienced foreign terror in the continental US.  People were not sure who had attacked and why.  The President used several metaphors to explain terrorism.  He said “On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country” Equating terrorists with enemies of freedom.  He also compares terrorist organizations with organized crime “Al Qaeda is to terror what the mafia is to crime”

The President is using this language and metaphors to help explain what terrorism is, comparing it to things people might understand, like organized crime. He is also rallying support for his administration by calling them enemies of freedom, which will help him start his war on terror in the near future. This shows that metaphors can help people understand complex things through comparisons with what they are familiar.

Blog 14

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Democrats need a way to act as a vaccine.

Democrat = vaccine

Democrat is the tenor, vaccine is the vehicle

highlights that the democrats need to something to combat the virus of the worlds problems highlights the need to prevent problems, rather than going after them once they start.

masks what exactly they need to vaccinate, masks how it is possible to become such a vaccine.

This tells us that our foreign policy needs to be much more preventative than reactionary.  If terror and crime is indeed a virus there is nothing we can do to completely destroy it until it has run its course.  The only way to destroy it is to prevent it from even getting started. If we could have prevented a need for terrorism we would not be in the two conflicts we are in now.  Instead of finding problems and trying to squish them, we need to find potential problems and inoculate them before they can infect the world and become a problem.

Blog 13: Peer Review

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Peer review went pretty well today.  It was nice to be split up into different groups to hear different perspectives from people, rather than the same 2-3 people we have been sitting with the rest of the semester. It worked out well to hear all these different ideas for the paper, from very different people.

The mode for review, posting our papers to blackboard and having the teacher print them out, was very convenient.  It was very helpful to not have to print out four copies of our paper for our peers, and just walk in and have them provided for us.  My printer paper and ink supply is very thankful.  Being able to have the paper copies helps in making minor grammatical corrections and also writing in notes to aid the writer in their review.  

Reading my paper out loud also helped me notice some of the flow errors, or spelling mistakes I made in my paper. It also helped me notice some of my short choppy sentences that need reworked.

Overall it went well

Blog 12

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After finishing In the Lake of the Woods, I am still rather confused.  Throughout the entire story it is hard to tell what is true and what isnt.  Are the things revealed about Kathy and John during the Hypothesis chapters true, or are they just assumptions the author has made to help support his hypothesis.  After finishing it I am left with just as many questions I had at any other point in the story.  I am not happy that there was no resolution, no solution, nothing is settled.  I kind of feel short sided because nothing really happens in the end.  The story is just over, leaving everything wide open.  But I guess we were warned about that in a footnote by the Author earlier in the story.  All we are left with is our own assumptions about the type of character John is.  If you think he is crazy enough and disturbed enough to murder the love of his life, then you might take the evidence given in the story as proof he did kill her.  If you think Kathy was truly unhappy you might assume that she just up and left him.  The book remains open to a lot of alternate endings we can run through in our mind.