Blog 12

After finishing In the Lake of the Woods, I am still rather confused.  Throughout the entire story it is hard to tell what is true and what isnt.  Are the things revealed about Kathy and John during the Hypothesis chapters true, or are they just assumptions the author has made to help support his hypothesis.  After finishing it I am left with just as many questions I had at any other point in the story.  I am not happy that there was no resolution, no solution, nothing is settled.  I kind of feel short sided because nothing really happens in the end.  The story is just over, leaving everything wide open.  But I guess we were warned about that in a footnote by the Author earlier in the story.  All we are left with is our own assumptions about the type of character John is.  If you think he is crazy enough and disturbed enough to murder the love of his life, then you might take the evidence given in the story as proof he did kill her.  If you think Kathy was truly unhappy you might assume that she just up and left him.  The book remains open to a lot of alternate endings we can run through in our mind.


2 Responses to “Blog 12”

  1. hankinsjj Says:

    I felt the same way when I finished it. I like to believe he didn’t kill her but I can’t be sure. I never realized that he had warned us until you mentioned it.

  2. natalieng12 Says:

    I was also still a bit confused. The difference between the truth and the story truth was very hard to identify.

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