Blog 13: Peer Review

Peer review went pretty well today.  It was nice to be split up into different groups to hear different perspectives from people, rather than the same 2-3 people we have been sitting with the rest of the semester. It worked out well to hear all these different ideas for the paper, from very different people.

The mode for review, posting our papers to blackboard and having the teacher print them out, was very convenient.  It was very helpful to not have to print out four copies of our paper for our peers, and just walk in and have them provided for us.  My printer paper and ink supply is very thankful.  Being able to have the paper copies helps in making minor grammatical corrections and also writing in notes to aid the writer in their review.  

Reading my paper out loud also helped me notice some of the flow errors, or spelling mistakes I made in my paper. It also helped me notice some of my short choppy sentences that need reworked.

Overall it went well


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