Blog 14

Democrats need a way to act as a vaccine.

Democrat = vaccine

Democrat is the tenor, vaccine is the vehicle

highlights that the democrats need to something to combat the virus of the worlds problems highlights the need to prevent problems, rather than going after them once they start.

masks what exactly they need to vaccinate, masks how it is possible to become such a vaccine.

This tells us that our foreign policy needs to be much more preventative than reactionary.  If terror and crime is indeed a virus there is nothing we can do to completely destroy it until it has run its course.  The only way to destroy it is to prevent it from even getting started. If we could have prevented a need for terrorism we would not be in the two conflicts we are in now.  Instead of finding problems and trying to squish them, we need to find potential problems and inoculate them before they can infect the world and become a problem.


8 Responses to “Blog 14”

  1. flygirl12 Says:

    i like that you stated that vaccines are preventative and not treatment. we need to elminate sources that fuel terrorism.

  2. redhawk31 Says:

    I agree as well. Strategically speaking, if we cut off the enemy supply line, then they are at a loss of equipment and this, a perfect time for an air strike! or some type of vaccination would work too

  3. horvatkz Says:

    I chose the same metaphor and agree that if we take steps to prevent terrorism from spreading, we will eliminate the ‘virus’

  4. sutheraj Says:

    I also like what you said about needing to prevent terrorism instead of treating it. It is a very interesting way to look at things especially in comparison with viruses.

  5. freedy89 Says:

    I was thinking that the vaccine was the vehicle while our foreign policy was the tenor. It might just be me though.

  6. I think its very interesting that you pointed out that the vaccine means the US must act more preventatively rather than reactionary. I just pictured the vaccine as wiping out terrorism all together.

  7. vince2012 Says:

    I think it is interesting that you stated what the metaphor masks, I agree with the statement that it doesn’t say how they could go about helping. Also, could it be that if you didn’t have much faith in the government because of their politics and working their way around problems instead of just going in and fixing them?

  8. RackEmWillie Says:

    I feel like your analysis of how to get rid of the “problem” is kind of confusing but i understand what ur saying that we need to start at that base of the problem and destroy it there.

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