Blog 16

We covered a lot of things this semester in class. I dont really have any more questions concerning the things we covered though.  Between the papers and the blogs I think most subjects were covered very well. Some things that could have been covered a little better in class would be the narrative elements. It was very unclear exactly how these elements can be identified.  It would have been helpful to spend more time in class explaining and giving examples of these narrative elements. It would make writing that first big paper much much easier.  It also would have helped for a greater explanation of why the narrative elements were so important, and what each one could bring to a story. It seemed like we were completely on our own trying to figure out what purpose this particular element has.  Other than that I think everything else was well explained, and the other two papers were much easier to write because the topic was covered a little more thoroughly.


5 Responses to “Blog 16”

  1. I agree a lot with what you said about the first paper. I do think it was very difficult though it also could have been because it was the first paper of the semester and people werent sure of how to write it. I also do think that we could have gone more in depth and spent more time working with the narrative elements. Maybe if we had spent more time analyzing other small papers with narrative elements or given a sample paper it would have been easier to figure out.

  2. I agree with the narrative elements being a challenge. I think it was also easier to write the final two papers because we had the opportunity to figure out exactly what our papers were meant to cover as well as the best way of executing it. The form I wrote in this semester was different from my other English classes, so it made it an interesting experience!

  3. hankinsjj Says:

    The narrative elements did seem sort of like a “side trip” from the class, but overall, it was an enjoyable experience, one that was very different from any English class I had ever taken before.

  4. atownace Says:

    I agree with the narrative elements, knowing more about these would have helped in writing all our papers. Overall it seemed like we could have spent more time on these and maybe used our novels to find examples of them.

  5. redhawk31 Says:

    Narrative elements continued to confuse me, and it made things a little more difficult for me. Topics and such were harder to work with for me

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