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Posted in Dads2Be on April 27, 2009 by thumabr

We covered a lot of things this semester in class. I dont really have any more questions concerning the things we covered though.  Between the papers and the blogs I think most subjects were covered very well. Some things that could have been covered a little better in class would be the narrative elements. It was very unclear exactly how these elements can be identified.  It would have been helpful to spend more time in class explaining and giving examples of these narrative elements. It would make writing that first big paper much much easier.  It also would have helped for a greater explanation of why the narrative elements were so important, and what each one could bring to a story. It seemed like we were completely on our own trying to figure out what purpose this particular element has.  Other than that I think everything else was well explained, and the other two papers were much easier to write because the topic was covered a little more thoroughly.